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About me

Hi! i'm Cap! I like making things. I am a 25 year old indie dev.I enjoy gaming, writing gameplay code, 3D modelling, and drawing big cartoon ladies. I am trying to turn my experience in these interests into a viable career!This page contains a bit of information about the various things i'm working on. You can click the buttons at the top to see something specific, or click the icons at the bottom to be taken to my various social media pages.If you want to see me succeed at what i'm doing, you should consider leaving a tip, or following me on social media!If you're interested in hiring me for my services, Please visit the pages of this website to view my pricing info.


I draw fetish art, mainly involving pregnancy, and other expansion themes. I am very interested in wide ladies with diverse body shapes. This is primarily what i draw. I also design my own characters.

Original Characters



A few examples of my works! Check out my links at the bottom of the page to see more.

Original characters

Check out my characters! I like big funny ladies

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Status: Open


3D Pricesheet

3D Commissions will open once i determine a good pricing model for this service.


Here are some of the game projects i've been working on! Click to view more information about each.


(Working Title)

Care for your Giant Pregnant Girlfriend

My latest project! Originally an entry for WeightGaming's Gain Jam 2021, I ran out of time and decided to continue development!
In this game, you'll take care of a big mature lioness named Cannoli while she is pregnant with an unknown number of children.
The better you do, the more pregnant she is by the end!

In Active Development - Alpha


(Working Title)

Platform Fighting Game With Big Ladies

A smash clone with characters focused primarily on melee combat

In Active Development - Alpha


Monster Girl Sumo Wrestling

My entry for WeightGaming's Gain Jam 2020.
A pretty simple sumo simulator with weight gain as a special ability. Each character has unique stats! Characters' motion is enhanced using physics!


Pro Skater XXL

PS1-Styled Arcade Skateboarding Game

Skating but with big funny animal women!


3D Models

Page under construction, But Look at these!


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